Stop pretending; We go through life on this tiny rock flying through space pretending to be who we are, showing the world a face ,a side ,a persona that isn’t true to you. Most of us never find that happiness that comes from being ones true self, we are always searching for that something else “if I only I got XXXX I could be that, if only I had XXXX I could get that, if XXXX didn’t happen to me I would of made this of my life” it’s human nature to want what we don’t have, most people don’t take any accountability for their own life choices, everything is always somebody else’s fault. 

  • You didn’t graduate from University because somebody died,
  • You didn’t make it as a footballer because because you got injured,
  • You didn’t get the job because the managers hired their friend,

Excuses after excuse.. you didn’t get it because you didn’t work hard enough, plain and simple. Stop pretending, stop living a lie be happy with what you have got and if you can’t be happy with what you have, then change it.

Many of us are not successful by the definition they take from others, yet are wholly successful from what they want in life, when we actually look at it. 

For some people a teacher doesn’t represent success, most teachers doesn’t drive a nice car or live in a big house, but for that teacher the greatest gift in life to them is too teach! You see, stop projecting your idea of success on others, you know nothing of their circumstances their dreams or their drive. 

Stop pretending life is perfect when you know deep down its not, life is about moments, and if your living this fantasy life you may miss your moment, in life there are moments when opportunities present themselves, you just have to take that leap of faith and jump. 

Spot your opportunity, I took my mine I stopped pretending, I saw my window and I changed my story… My life was mapped out much differently to the one I live now, I grew up in a council house and left school with no real qualification, my first few years of work saw me working in Tesco and factories around Grantham, if im truly honest my life sucked! But I decided this can’t be my life, I told myself “I am destined for greatness”

Growing up success for me looked like a 40k salary, a Mercedes and a house I owned, I’d look at that pictures and say wow.. I have exceed my expectation and some, but because I saw my window and went for it. I don’t write this to brag or willie wave, but to show you can change the destiny of your story. 

Sometimes life beats you up, knocks you down and that’s ok because it’s what we do after that struggle that defines us, many of us take those knocks sit and cry but I chose to fight. 

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