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Being Gay 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that my brothers and sisters were gay, I struggled with it for the longest time it wasn’t until I realised my feelings on the issue were irrational, illogical and incorrect. I didn’t want to accept that my brothers…

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Relationships – The Answer To A Long Lasting Relationship

Bill and Melinda Gates seemed like the perfect couple! They have intelligent kids, all of the money in the world, a foundation that’s trying to save planet Earth – yet after 27 years of marriage they are closing up shop! What’s key then for this long lasting relationship? Are relationships really meant to last that…

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Musical beds

Sounds like a fun game you used to play in your early twenties right? Well this isn’t the musical beds I’m talking about. Musical beds is the game some parents play when they have a toddler, right now you could almost set your watch to it, 12:30 most nights and we hear the pitta patter…

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Stop pretending; We go through life on this tiny rock flying through space pretending to be who we are, showing the world a face ,a side ,a persona that isn’t true to you. Most of us never find that happiness that comes from being ones true self, we are always searching for that something else…

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Greed is the biggest virus’s to hit this planet

We tell ourself that capitalism is the way forward, governments ram it down your throat that democracy is the mother of all great ideas, “ignore the socialist’s forget communism” you’ll often hear our politicians spew from their lips, but is it? A capitalist society breeds greed, it feeds a narrative of take take take, we’ve…

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