Yeah I said it, Dad of the year competitions drive me mad, in fact what I wanted to write didn’t make it past the edit.

In my opinion every dad present and trying their best is dad of the year, being a dad is tough! Nobody or anything prepares your for it, the pressure you put on yourself let alone what the world or your family expect from you can sometimes be crippling. I often find myself cringing in despair when I hear celebrities that often have 2 or 3 nannies talk about “oh it’s a real struggle bringing up children” give me a break! My wife watches one of the real housewives programmes and yes! I mean my wife this isn’t one of those “I’ve got a friend” situations, and I was painstakingly watching it with her one day ( I think I’d finished putting up all the shelves in the house or changed all the lightbulbs) when I heard this woman  who had six nannies for two children! Yes that’s right six nannies for two children, two for the morning two for the afternoon / evening and two for the night, this woman was talking about how bringing up her children was a real struggle!! Honestly give me a break, that woman wouldn’t know struggle if it fell out of a tree and smacked her in the face.

Being a dad is hard graft, in fact being a parent is hard graft, you don’t need a shiny trophy to tell you that your doing a good job.. 

The greatest indicator your doing a great job is the smile on your children’s face, the roof over their head and the food in their bellies. Stop trying to beat yourself up comparing yourself to other dads, I’m doing a podcast series currently where we interview dads about their experiences (the Dadsbeerclub’s podcast – available on all your podcast apps :-)) and no dad has the same story, every child is uniquely different, a gift from god. Just do your best, you will undoubtedly make mistakes, god knows I have! but learn from them – Richard Branson once said You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling

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So ignore the noise, I’ve said it before forget what social media tells you about being a good dad. John Terry won father of the year in 2009 while he was sleeping with his best friends mrs for petes sake! if you want any indication that you shouldn’t look outwards then look no further.

Dad your doing a great job and you need to hear it more than just Father’s Day. You are also not alone, on this journey I have heard from so many dads going through their own struggles there is support we’ve just got to talk.. remember that wise old philosopher BT that gave us the slogan “it’s good to talk” obviously I jest but the slogan is true, talking is the key that will unlock the door and reveal the light, it’s up to you to walk through. 

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