The year for me has started out at a bit of a whirlwind pace, lots going on with work and if I wasn’t busy enough I have decided to start sharing my brain farts on this blog as well as launching a podcast talking to dads about every day life, struggles and success’s (the dadsbeerclub’s podcast on Spotify and iTunes) This year I have really wanted to challenge myself which is why I have put in this extra time to highlight a real important issues often not talked about in todays society “men’s mental health struggles” being someone that is bent out of shape and cant easily run a 10k im pushing myself this year to run a marathon – there is a countdown to “fat boy runs a marathon” on my home page.

Photo by C Technical on

However I’m really struggling for a charity to raise money for this year so I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of working with or had any dealings with any men’s charites? id be keen to hear any recommendations. This year I am planning on doing a number of things with some friends and colleagues to raise money so watch this space – but first I just need to nail down the charity.

I am also open for some idea of things to do this year, the wackier the better so if you have any suggestions please let me know, or if you are yourself doing something for charity and I can get involved please let me know.

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