Although we only booked this holiday a short time ago, it feels like we have been waiting for this holiday for a lifetime, im not sure why that happens but as soon as you officially have something booked the sands of time seem to flow with the momentum of a 100 year old giant tortoise.

The day we have been both anticipating and dreading equally has finally hit us, 6:30am drive to the airport to dump our bags with the airlines “always cheery” staff. I say anticipating and dreading because whilst of course I cannot wait for this holiday to begin, I am also travelling with a toddler for the first time for a considerable amount of time.

I know there will be tantrums and tears (and thats just from me) but I’m also hoping for a lot of laughs, beautiful moments and memories that we can all look back on with fondness.

There is something about the airport that just brings out the worst in people, unfortunately for us its unleashed the monster within our three year old, he terrorised us for the full 3 hours we had to wait at the airport, he has had tantrums . He has cried hysterically, screamed (literally) and all for no apparent reason whatsoever. The pre show performance he put on at the airport left me not wanting to try to contain the beast for the 10 hours it takes to get to Mexico.. 10 hours on a plane what were we thinking??!

Eventually boarding the plane we all collapse in our seats, Leo in a exhausted heap on my wife’s lap and I am given the window seat. Within minutes of take off Leo is fast asleep and Carli and I are able to enjoy the flight somewhat.

Dreading the moment he wakes up the moment comes with a whimper, because for the remaining 7 hours of our flight he is actually good as gold. He watches a few movies, plays games and even has a nap, I guess the excitement of the holiday was just too much for him!.

We finally land in Cancun and are hit with the humidity, as we step off the plane I can feel my shirt sticking to my back, not a great start. After getting through customs which seemed all too easy, we are greeted with the real issue at Cancun airport… collecting your luggage and then for some reason having your luggage scanned again by security. I will never understand why its scanned leaving the UK they then take your luggage from you, you collect again at Cancun and they scan it again? like, what are they expecting you would have been able to smuggle into your case 30 seconds after collecting it after having been trapped on a plane for hours.

Unfortunately, because of the aforementioned polava at the airport, we had to wait almost two hours to depart. It also caused a significant line-up of passengers, resulting in everyone being on top of one another for two hours, complaining, and becoming even more sticky. Most likely people passing Covid around between groups, oh no wait we were wearing masks so were all fine.\

There is literally nothing exciting between the moment you arrive at the luggage carousel and unpacking your case! as a write this I am sat in the lobby day one late afternoon, watching as couple after couple approach the check in desk, miserable as sin.. usually you’d look at that and say why are you so miserable? but of course, they have just been through Cancun airport which is enough to suck the joy out of Matthieu Ricard (recognised as the world’s happiest man)

We are staying at Planet Hollywood Cancun. first impression of it is a little bit Meh.. in all honesty its a little underwhelming, the images and videos they provide in there marketing material are straight out of Hollywood and as fake as the people that live there. I will come back to you on my overall thoughts but first impression id give it a “I wouldnt come back here out of 10” as I mentioned I am sat in the lobby, and people that have booked the “Star Experience” are greeted into the hotel with the applause and vigar of a death row inmate cheering on his own execution… maybe that’s a little harsh, but it seems a little forced and lacks enthusiasm, if anything the people receiving the welcome seem embarrassed which I am not sure is what Planet Hollywood was going for when they dreamt up that this would be a good idea.

Stay tuned..

Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day.

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