in the Bible, it is said that a rich man entering heaven is like a camel entering the eye of a needle, which is impossible. If you think that heaven is a point in space and a place you go to, then this makes little sense, but if you equate, for academic purposes, that heaven, Nirvana, and enlightenment are the same thing, then you start to see that happiness is a state, and you cannot enter that state while you are distracted by the pitfalls of wealth, the longing for wealth, the disappointment of not obtaining that wealth, or dealing with the consequences of trying to attain wealth immorally. 

In the current state of world affairs, happiness has been hijacked, or rather, the definition of happiness has been hijacked in a way that is prevalent and pervasive. We see the idea of happiness limited to the fleeting nature of consumerism and the physical feeling of bliss. There is really nothing wrong with that concept. It is perfectly acceptable for a person to feed the desires of feeling. After all, they are already within us. The confusion and the long-term definition according to Stoicism is that it can get to the point of being a considerable distraction to the efforts and actions that one needs to take to reach that level of peace and happiness. Social media plays a huge part in blurring the distinction of reality and true happiness, but it is also a convenient excuse, a pin to stick on the donkey.. you can find yourself being digested by your current circumstances battered by the stresses of life, overwhelmed by everything around you but, reality is a construct of your mind that can easily shifted. 

Change signifies and encapsulated the existence of life. Without change, there can be no life, without love , there can be no happiness, and without happiness, there can be no life. This is a cycle that perpetuates within itself and has not been broken to date.

with the absence of change comes complacency – a lack of interest or enthusiasm for something that is happening around you. In fact, it might lead to a feeling of boredom.

When I say that happiness and enlightenment are the same thing, you must understand what these terms mean. Enlightenment means the realisation of true self and true purpose. This is generally when a person has realised there divine nature, not only in themselves but also in everyone else, and have developed a curriculum which they can impart to others so that they may live a fulfilled life.  People have been enlightened for hundreds of years, some reaching enlightenment during their lives and others being born with the knowledge. Some people naturally reach a higher state of being without realising it, but many do not. They spend their entire life striving to realise what they already had all along – true happiness. Others may seek this out vicariously.

I guess the moral of this is happiness is within all of us, create a meaning in your life! creating meaning is what will make you truly happy. 

“If it be not fitting, do it not. If it be not true, speak it not. Ever maintain thine own purpose and resolution free from all compulsion and necessity.” — Meditations, Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, 180AD

Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day.  

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