Recently I have found myself asking the question, where do people get their inspiration from? With most of us locked away in some quasi prison like state, during this nearly year of lockdowns and pub closures where does the spark come from? It’s said that J.K. Rowling was inspired to write Harry Potter whilst on a train journey from Manchester to London’s Kings Cross – she spent the next 5 years creating what would become her route out of the struggle she was living in.  

Harry Potter, the world-renowned wizarding franchise that has earned an estimated $15 billion in revenue over the course of 10 years, is one of the highest selling books (and subsequent movies) of all time. This shows us how much can be achieved by having drive and motivation; something I lack at times.

I recently read a quote which applied to this subject perfectly – “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long”. The author here is talking about living life to its fullest extent; with great passion and fire which leads to burning brightly for only short periods but illuminates your existence greatly during this time. It seems that those who burn brightly burn out fast; whether it be due to their own choice or because they operate at a pace that ultimately ends with burn out.

So where do you get yours? Starting this blog I have found myself, not putting pressure on myself to come up with ideas in a certain time but I’m definitely searching for inspiration, at the moment I am seldom leaving the house and try my very hardest to avoid the mindless scrolling of Facebook, Instagram etc, but recently and for a reason I can’t pinpoint I have found my inspiration in the bath, bubbles(Radox lavender & waterlily if you care to know) bath full to the brim, with zero cold water, I don’t care for cold water my baths need to be nuclear. Yet it’s here where I am finding the words the write my blogs (yes you’ve guessed it I’m here right now) I used to bath with my phone in one hand watching some useless history documentary on YouTube now I am starting ideas for blogs, it led me to ponder the question where does everybody else draw their inspiration currently? I have never been a writer, like I mention previously in another blog I barely survived English at school, yet I’ve found myself enjoying the creative process. 

So where do you get yours from?  Is it a photo you saw on Instagram, a book you read or something somebody said to you? They say inspiration is everywhere yet at times I’ve struggled to find mine. 

Question: Where do people get their motivation from? Do they have a certain person they look up too? Or does it come from within? Comment below!

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