That pesky Coronavirus has finally caught up with me! yep that’s right after two years of bobbing and weaving Covid-19 has finally caught up with me, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised statically it was an improbability I would avoid getting it, yet your still not prepared for when it comes. I suppose the hardest part about it is everybody reacts to it so differently, I know people that have sailed through it easier than a cold, some people who didn’t even really know they had it and others that have really suffered through it. As it happens so far I am in the latter group …

It didn’t start out too bad, I was extremely tired and headachy for a few days as if I had an impending cold, without going into too much detail from around day 3 I have became seriously drained and constantly in pain with body aches, specifically with pain in my lower back. What makes having covid an even more difficult pill to swallow is today I am meant to be in Croatia on holiday having a nice, well earned break from the stresses of everyday life. Being stuck at home feeling like I do is not exactly the way I would have envisaged spending my first day of holiday. Still, that’s life …

I am now sitting with feet up on sofa, laptop balanced carefully on them as to not hurt everything else with typing and trying to find out as much information as possible about this horrible condition so others can benefit from what I have learnt thus far. 

I have never known such pain, it feels like something is trying to crawl out of your bones. My muscles are spasming and pulling in my arms and legs making movement difficult. This has not been fun at all!!!

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So far the only thing giving me any relief has been deep heat rub which is basically a pain relieving ointment meant for arthritic joints but is working well in calming down my muscles aches. It also works wonders for migraines if you apply it to your forehead too, especially just above your nose! Painkillers have not seemed to work at all, so for the most part I am in pain throughout the day and night. 

let’s see what the next few days brings.

Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day.  

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