Sounds like a fun game you used to play in your early twenties right? Well this isn’t the musical beds I’m talking about. Musical beds is the game some parents play when they have a toddler, right now you could almost set your watch to it, 12:30 most nights and we hear the pitta patter of small feet out of his bed, across the landing before flinging open our bedroom door, In to our bed comes the boy before shimming up down left right in the bed causing one of us to end up on the sofa or even in his bed and lets face it, its usually me! 

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We both understand the importance of getting him back in his bed and sleeping on his own but in those moments at 12:30 all you want to do is sleep so allow him to get in with you, this is where the musical beds game starts. This is something we are struggling with at the moment, its nearly every night, how to make your toddler sleep through the night has been googled a billion times by me, yet I am still non the wiser. Its hard as like I have said before on the podcast many times, every child is so different, your child is like a Rubix cube and your the ape holding it, there is seemingly no cheat code for it you’ve just got to do your best.

This is my own opinion on the musical beds game however, I think you must, no matter how tired you are get them back in their own bed, the short term pain will be worth the long time effects, if you do not and you allow your child to just get in bed with you each evening, they will continue to do so, nigh t after night and you will end up sleeping apart from your partner, creating a big disconnect, I talk a lot about the importance of communication with your partner and working on your relationship this starts with sleeping together. What happens if during the day you have become those passing ships I have talked about before, meaning the only time you actually get together is in bed, now your not even sleeping together your on the sofa or sleeping in the baby bed, do you think your relationship is going to prosper from this? Get the baby back to bed! It won’t be long before he or she has stopped coming in to get in bed with you if they know they can’t. As a parent you have to set clear boundaries for your children and stick to them. 

Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day.  

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