When I was younger, I always took very good care of my body. However as the years passed by and life got more hectic, with work piling up to deal with on top of balancing a social life; unfortunately this resulted in neglecting my health for too long. Thankfully Herbalife Nutrition entered into play at just the right time! With their nutrition plans combined with fitness regimes ensured that not only did I re-gain control over what goes inside me but also made sure everyone around me noticed how different & fit/healthy looking i’ve become!

The words “something has changed my life” are often banded about, but Herbalife Nutrition really did change mine. Like I said I grew up with a healthy and active lifestyle; however as an adult, I was consumed by food and alcohol consumption. A night out with the boys 8 weeks ago made me sit up and notice how big I was getting. When reviewing some photos from that evening, it really hit home to me just how much weight I had gained. It’s one thing knowing you’re not in great shape but seeing a photo of yourself makes it real like nothing else can do!

After sitting down and thinking about my situation (and after making lots of bad decisions), this year is going to be different for me; no more excuses – only action will help now as we head into summer!”

After bumping into an old friend, I approached him about coming on my podcast. During this recording he told me that Herbalife is not just a diet; it’s a lifestyle change! He also went over how their entire business model works and what makes them different from other weight loss supplements out there today. Of course, at the time I was very skeptical because I had tried nearly every diet under the sun before–but after doing some research of my own online for two weeks straight (while continuing to consume all kinds of junk food), Steven came back with results showing his body composition changes in less than 30 days using only these products…so naturally I jumped ship immediately and joined up myself shortly thereafter!

Making this decision has had a huge effect on my life, it’s only been about 8 weeks and I’ve already noticed some changes. For one thing, I’ve lost weight; clothes that were too tight are now fitting comfortably again. More importantly though, the mental state change is something that makes me feel more confident in myself than ever before!

If you are looking at losing weight or just want to get through the day with more energy then I can help. Since joining myself, I have already helped 3 others lose weight using Herbalife products! They worked for me so they will work for you too. And since my goal is not profit but rather helping people like me feel healthier and happier everyday..I am sharing my discount with new users because im here to make a difference in your life as well. Ask me about Herbalife’s discount code and I can share it with you.

You can use this link below to browse the products, but remember these prices are not the prices you will pay with my discount!


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