We tell ourself that capitalism is the way forward, governments ram it down your throat that democracy is the mother of all great ideas, “ignore the socialist’s forget communism” you’ll often hear our politicians spew from their lips, but is it? A capitalist society breeds greed, it feeds a narrative of take take take, we’ve forgotten about helping each other as we are so consumed with money and material things that we have forgotten the fundamental basics! Help one another.

Let’s look at communism, communism says in its most simplistic form, let’s group the wealth and share it with all, but this leads to a small percentage at the top having all the wealth and “sharing it” out to the rest, look at Russia, China, North Korea, examples of the haves and the have nots, are the poorest in those countries benefiting from this collective redistribution of wealth? No, because of greed. 

Photo by Gerhard Lipold on Pexels.com

Now let’s look at socialism at its core the main focus of socialism is the elimination of rich and poor socioeconomic classes by distributing wealth equally, to accomplish this the government controls the labour market. Socialism doesn’t not work because it ignores the fundamentals of human behaviour, “incentive” Socialism tends to start well but soon collapses in on its self.

And then with have capitalism, capitalism! The Bastian of the western world.. Capitalism is an economic system based on free markets and limited Government involvement so the complete opposite to communism right? Or is it? Communism is about the 1% controlling the rest, in capitalism that’s what eventually happens anyway. By allowing “free markets” the big eventually crush the small, look at the way the high street has been dismantled over the years, companies now like Amazon, Google, Facebook control almost every aspect of your life, the top 1% have more wealth the 43% of the world! And our government whilst they have “less involvement” are in bed with these wealthy one percent for their own political / wealth creation gains, Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton giving speeches around the world for £500k a pop, the political elite in bed with the 1% for one reason and one reason alone Greed. 

We have forgotten what it means to be human, compassion, suffrage, emotion, helping one another, the wealth and satisfaction you get from helping others.  

In the Bible, it is said that a rich man entering heaven is like a camel entering the eye of a needle, which clearly is impossible right?. If you imagine that heaven is a point in space then this makes little sense, but if you equate, for academic purposes, that heaven, Nirvana, and enlightenment are the same thing, then you start to see that happiness is a state that you cannot enter while you are distracted by the pitfalls of wealth, the longing for wealth, the disappointment of not obtaining that wealth, or dealing with the consequences of trying to attain wealth.

In the world today, happiness has been hijacked, or rather, the definition of happiness has been hijacked in a way that is prevalent and pervasive. We see the idea of happiness limited to the fleeting nature of consumerism and the physical feeling of bliss. There is really nothing wrong with that concept. It is perfectly acceptable for a person to feed their desires of feeling. After all, they are already within us. The confusion and the long-term definition according to Stoicism is that it can get to the point of being a considerable distraction to the efforts and actions that one needs to take to reach that level of peace and happiness.

As a parent we must teach our children the importance of money of course, but the intrinsic value gained from the happiness and joy of helping others will lead to a more fulfilled life for your children.

Stay blessed everyone and have a great day.

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