Is there a bigger cultural taboo in parenting than the issue of smacking your children? I will often hear parents say, and I’ve been guilty of muttering the words myself “a good smack never harmed me” and it’s true, growing up if I was ever out of line ( I know hard to believe I was ever naughty) I and my siblings would get a smack round the ear or a slipper to the backside, did we we behave after it? You’re damn right we did, only long enough for the memory to fade of course but behave we did. Moving from the 90s to the late 00s though it appears that the regular practice of parent(s) disciplining their children with a smack has become a cultural no no, we are even divided in my own house, my wife believes that smacking your children is not the way to go, where as I am more in line with “well it didn’t kill me” 

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Speaking to dads on this matter we seem to be divided into two camps, those that were never smacked and those that were, if you were given a little smack as a naughty youngster then growing into adulthood it seems as though you are soundly of the mindset that if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger. 

Now of course when I use the word smack I’m hardly talking Mike Tyson vicious right hook,  but it’s my belief that as a growing human you need to understand the consequences of your actions.

Experts will tell you that the way to deal with a naughty child is with time or charts, I will tell you that that is BS, sitting on the naughty step becomes a game, reward charts just become calculated behaviour in order to get a reward but a slap on the arse when you have been naughty will make sure the child knows that they do that again and another slap might be coming their way. 

Interested to know what anybody else thinks, like I mentioned me and my wife are diametrically opposed on this issue and who’s to says who’s right? What I can tell you is Nardo is less well behaved for his mother than he is for me. 

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