We all have that one friend, you know the type that is completely destructive to their own life, you see them pressing the red nuclear button, day in day out, never listening to anyone other than themselves ruining the lives of those around them but what are you meant to do? Walk away? As a parent if your child was playing with children that were a bad influence or getting them in to trouble you would remove them from that situation but how do you deal with this as an adult? 

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That one friend clearly needs your help but there is only so many times you can keep getting let down before you have to let them go. How do you get help for somebody that doesn’t want it? Whether it be help for addiction to drugs, gambling or alcohol maybe they are violent or controlling. Addicts are difficult to deal with because of the controlling nature of their manipulative behaviour. I guess the thing to remember here is that addicts don’t have any respect for themselves so why would they have it for you, getting through to an addict is extremely difficult because they need the drug, drink whatever vice it is more than they need you. 

The UK government estimates that 2.9% of young adults (aged between 16-69) have or use cocaine in the UK, in my opinion that is extremely low! And they have clearly never been out in Grantham before. Annually this equates to roughly 3,000 over dose deaths per year so how do you stop your friends, family, work colleagues from becoming one of these statistics? Its a tough one because getting help for these people isn’t easy, you can’t just call a number to report people like you would of done in the olden days, watching as they are carted off for psychiatric help .Nowadays the person addicted to substances has to make the first move, the issue with this is addicts invariably don’t see that they need help or at least don’t accept that they do so why would they go and ask for help? In my experience it isnt until they have reached rock Bottom, lost everything and everyone around them before they will look to change, but why do we have to let it get to that stage? As an outsider you can see the spiral, maybe there needs to be some sort of way for close family and friends to refer people to start them on the path for help rather than mopping up the path of destruction caused by their actions. 

 Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day. 

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