Having been locked away from society since before his second birthday, we are now getting to take Nardo round to our friends again, but as he is now compos mentis – what I mean by that is, he isn’t just dribbling and now seemingly has his own opinions, now we have to deal with endless wanting of what other kids have.

 Last Saturday we went round to one of my childhood best friends house’s for a BBQ (thanks Boris) Me and Greg had been inseparable for a time during school before he was plucked from obscurity into private school, we saw each other fleetingly for a few years after, mostly at football as we both played for Lincolnshire County – winning the national championship might I add, anyway I digress. From 18 to 36 I hadn’t seen Greg, greg had moved from Lincolnshire to London, a spell in the Middle East and back again, I moved to the North West and set down roots there, but fate had seemed destined to throw us back together. Through starting NOBODY CARES ABOUT DAD me and Greg got speaking again and we discovered we actually didn’t live that far apart in the North West, so as soon as the weather was right and Boris allowed it we scheduled a BBQ to catch up. 

Greg and Bryony have two young boys so it was going to be interesting to see how Nardo interacted ,as we hadn’t seen this being locked down for the past 18 months. Safe to say the day went great, it was like we hadn’t not seen each other for 18 years, but, all we have had since Saturday from Nardo is “Dad can I have dino’s” or “daddy can we go the shop to get dinos” smiling at me with that manipulation on point. You see Gregs boys had lots of dinosaur toys that my Nardo just loved playing with, whilst I’m fairly convinced he has more dinosaur toys than actual dinosaurs existed 66 million years ago, what he doesn’t have is the GIANT dinosaur toys, so all we have had since then was confirmation that he wants and must have these toys. 

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

How do you say no? Whilst my life is tailored around giving him everything he wants and needs, as a kid myself we didn’t have much so if we wanted anything my sisters and me ,we resigned to mostly just wanting it. My view on parenting is that you should give your children the life you didn’t have growing up but how do you do that without raising a spoilt little brat? It’s a fine balance. I remember those kids at school, the kids without brothers and sisters, THE ONLY CHILD! god they were nauseating, want want want and if they didn’t get what they wanted it was hell on earth for everyone else, I don’t want that for my boy so how do you balance giving him what you didn’t have with not spoiling them? 

Any parenting hacks or advice from anyone out there? 

Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day. 

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