So after a bit of a disaster yesterday and not setting my alarm, waking up at my usual 6:30am I am today back at it and up out of bed. Brew made and at my computer for 5:07am. I have to say its not really getting any easier, for the past say 6 months my usual bed / sleep time has been at the earliest 11:30pm, you will usually find me watching some mind numbing stuff on Sky or YouTube before bed ,but so far this week I have been in bed asleep for 10pm.

Rising early has so far meant to me that I have been less stressed throughout the day as my day is more organised, the first 1.5 hours of the day I now spend planning what I am going to do for that day, it also means I am more tired in the evening which is allowing me to sleep better at night, but the greatest part so far for me is the sense of fulfilment I am getting due to the amount of extra work I am getting done with my extra time. Just the slightest tweak to my day is so far working, I am also assuming that after some time the 5am starts will begin to feel a little more normal once my body starts to get used to them , right now it feels a little like cold shock therapy. I am reminded of a time before I had a small child and 6:30am starts were only something I only ever saw in movies! Before having Nardo i would get up 10 mins before I would need to leave for work, now 6:30am seems ever so normal so maybe it won’t be long before 5am is the new normal – here’s to hoping! 

I have also started trying to fit in 20/30 mins of reading into each day, at the moment I am reading The Science of Self Talk: How to increase Your Emotional Intelligence and Stop Getting in Your Own Way (Master Your Own Self Discipline) interesting read, its all about talking to yourself, listening to your own internal speech, we have both negative self-talk and positive self-talk, it’s about harnessing the positive self-talk as its linked to less negative emotion and more happiness, confidence, optimism and success in life and a sense of agency and authorship of your own existence. Its actually really interesting this because before I even read this book I used to do this a lot in sport so its interesting to read about it now and recognise how I’ve used this in the past. 

When playing football I use positive self-talk to tell myself that I am the “best player on this pitch” “your better than everybody else” and I repeat this over and over again for nearly most of the match, its amazing the difference in my game in comparison to when I don’t do this, it 100% works ,try it the next time you are doing anything physical, tell yourself how good you are at it! As humans we are emotional creatures and sometimes we just need that pep talk to get us over the line, this is way some of the best football managers have given the best half time team talks to get their players fired up before going back out there, Sir Alex Ferguson was the master of this, be your own Sir Alex Ferguson. 

Positive reinforcement is what we all need from time to time, if we can’t get it from someone else you can sure as hell get it from yourself. I think I learned this technique from my days in hospitality, we had a trainer once tell us that when you walk over to a table, before you speak tell yourself in your head “I really like you” and you’ll be amazed at the difference in the way you treat that table, it really does work and you can use it in nearly every scenario.

5 blogs written in 3 days now! When I was struggling to do one a week before! Crazy! 

Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day. 

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