Sitting watching my child eat his breakfast this morning you could be forgiven for thinking you had woken up in a time warp, as he eats his toast, a slice of toast that isn’t suitable for him might I add, he usually eats Warburton’s (other bread is available) but having run out he is this morning greeted with a plate of crustier tiger bread, and of course he is not happy. 

Does anybody pay any attention to the way their children / child eats? Of course I have watched him eat before, as a two year old he’s allowed to do virtually nothing without somebody watching him, as invariably it ends with him trying to kill himself somehow. As I sit watching him carefully eat the centre of the toast discarding the crust, I am reminded of a scene from the Tudor times and a lunch or dinner with Henry the 8th. Back during those glory years it was considered good manners to chuck lamb bones over ones shoulder for the greyhounds to feed, whilst I don’t have greyhounds I do have a ravenous Cockapoo that will eat pretty much anything you throw his way or indeed  if you turn your back for 12 seconds, so as my two year old discards the crust from his toast over his shoulder my cockapoos delight in finishing the meal is apparent. 

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on

Remarkably the pair make a formidable duo when it comes to eating, if your not careful you’ll discover that the dog has eaten more of the dinner than Nardo, as Nardo has become the master of deception when it comes to food time, you have to watch this duo with the eye of a Hawk, sometimes watching this pair you are left with the same feeling you’d get watching Harry & Bess Houdini perform, your left wondering “where did it go” 

As I watch this show of deception I cannot help but be slightly annoyed at ones self (continuing the Tudor theme) only yesterday I had set myself the challenge

Of getting up at 5am everyday for 30 days and I have failed on day 2! So now I owe myself at some point today an hour and a half of productivity, whilst of course I am still writing the constant “dad can you do this” or “dad can you get that” it is difficult to get the flow going, saying that these pair of con artists have given me some content to write about this morning – “look for the opportunity in everything” Marco Carluchi April 2021 

Trying to work around a toddler isn’t the easiest, I’m sure many people can relate to that, many of us having had to work from home for the past year while our children run round our feet or like I said try to kill themselves at every possibility, parenting is difficult at the best of times let alone while you are trying to work. 

This morning I am actually a little disappointed in myself for not getting up and doing what I have promised to do but hey I won’t let it ruin my day, however what might ruin my day is the fact that I sliced my finger off whilst making Nardo’s toast this morning, ok so I’m being melodramatic, its still attached to my hand and the cut doesn’t require any stitches, in truth it barely even bled but still, it could have been bad! I was too pre occupied with kicking myself for not waking up that I wasn’t concentrating on what I was doing. 

Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day. 

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