Have you ever found yourself saying this phrase “id love to do more of X I just don’t have the time” or do you sometimes feel like your meeting yourself coming backwards? I am guilty of this, but, do I really not have enough time or am I just guilty of bad time management. 

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We often get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget to take a step back and take stock of everything, review what we are doing, we do this in work but why not in our day to day lives. As busy humans we just plough on, the weeks roll past seemingly faster as we get older and our lives become more consumed with “stuff” 

Last night I did a podcast with a fantastic man called Dai Manuel, Dai is a fitness coach, author and life style coach to name just a few of the caps he wears, and he made the point, do you not have enough time or do you just not make the time. Dai explained that he gets up at 5am everyday in order to be a little more productive. It got me thinking, I am extremely guilty of never having time or at least uttering the words; I run a business, I am a dad, husband and now I have taken on some writing commitments with my blog and book that I am writing, throw in the fact that society is opening back up again so I need to climb out from the cave I have been hiding in and actually see people again socially, where will I find the time! But do the maths and actually finding the time is easy. 

I usually rise at 6:30, being a father to a 2 year old this isn’t through choice I can assure you! But rise I do, so… if I get up at 5am every morning that gives me 1.5 hours a day extra to do something, 1. 5 hours a day that’s 10.5 hours a week! Over a month that’s a full working week extrapolate that forward for a year and I have just found a whole new quarter to my life!! Yep, mind blown!!! 

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

By waking up that tiny bit extra, I can do a quick body stretch or workout and have some time when the house is completely silent to sit and write, I can have some time to work on my blog or my book each day. 

So boom there you have it, by giving myself an extra 1.5 hours per day (which sounds like nothing right) I have given myself an extra weeks worth of productivity a month. 

Now here’s the catch, I am like I have mentioned many times for those that have been listening to me, I am intrinsically lazy! I love nothing more than to, not even snooze the alarm but to not even set it at all and yet, i wondered why I don’t have any time to do the things I have committed to do! 

So, I promised Dai last night that I would give it ago for a month, I am really interested to see what I can do with this extra week of productivity, will I last the month or will I last a few days, I’m going to document the journey and I will report to you beautiful people as I go and when I complete it with the results. 

It is now 05:47 on the first day of my 5am for 30 days challenge, I have done a full body stretch I now have a cup of the finest Earl Grey tea and I have now just written this blog, which might I point out I am two weeks late delivering due to “not having enough time” Make your time work for you not the other way round. 

Stay blessed everybody and have a fantastic day. 

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