Why do we hate? I watched a documentary on Sky with the aforementioned title yet I’m still none the wiser. 

Putting my head above the parapet I was always conscious of receiving some negative criticism but you’re never quite prepared for when it comes. Some people have so little joy in their hearts that the only sense of happiness they get from the world is attempting to make others miserable. In such a connected world, how are social media companies still allowing people to create anonymous profiles in order to use them to spew hate out into the world unchecked? Faceless trolls finding joy in other peoples suffering etc. 

Fortunately I am quite thick skinned so negativity really doesn’t bother me but I can see how somebody fragile could fold under this kind of pressure- the sort which can lead teenagers to kill themselves because of online bullying and the like. It really is a sorry state of affairs. 

To me being called a “bigot” for only interviewing men (that one was my favourite) and comments saying that “this is some dumb shit” is just a snide comment which helps nobody. All I am trying to do with NOBODYCARESABOUTDAD is to shine a light on Men’s Mental Health issues, and highlight ways for men to get some help and offering them a forum where they can talk. So why do people find the need to critique you for trying to help?

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

I have come to the conclusion that these people must just need a cuddle, they must be so insecure in their own lives that they feel that by putting people down this will give them some sense of joy. Have these people not grown up? This isn’t primary school where when you like the girl, you would be horrible to her to show her you liked her, being nasty to others won’t make people like you and frankly it makes you look like a bit of a tosspot. 

My own self interest in doing what I am doing is simple – try to do something to reduce these numbers… 

The United States of America 946 people commit suicide 

The United Kingdom 145 people commit suicide 

Canada 76 People commit suicide 

70% of these are males, 33% of these are new dads.

Across these 3 countries (and I highlight these as most of my audience are from these 3 territories) that’s 1,100 people dead! Each week, that’s roughly 6 an hour, gone never returning, 1100 families and friends devastated by the loss and grief each week- each week!

I have been there I lost a good friend at 21. What I went through those days and weeks afterwards, sitting round his parents house the day he did it, nobody knowing what to say where to look when to leave, breaking down in tears when my mother tired to comfort me, life changed in that moment, as a young man death / loss are a million miles away from your thoughts but it suddenly got all so very real, these feelings will never leave me, they have been etched on my heart forever. So if we can help one family, one person, one set of friends then we have completed all we set out to do. 

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Remember this, that person on the end of your hateful messages or hateful comments might be very close to doing something very stupid and very permanent, could you live with yourself knowing that? I choose to believe that the answer for most is no, but ignorance to the consequences isn’t enough. 

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