Shouldn’t it be called uncomfortable food, your clothes don’t fit you anymore you start to get out of breath walking up the stairs, complete strangers call you fat, you’d love to run in the park with your toddler but scared he will out run you… what’s comfortable about it? The idea that eating makes you comfortable is silly, and I should know! Look at me in 2006 and look at me now in 2021 I look like I ate all the years in between and licked the plate. 

In a world where so much depends on what we look like, ones mental health can be greatly impacted by the negative connotations being over weight can bring. Having been someone who has struggled with my own weight for a while now I know all too well the impact being over weight can have on your body, but also on your mental health. I know myself that when I work out I feel much better, yes I hate the run and yes I hate squats but afterwards when your clothes start fitting you better and you can walk up the stairs without getting out of breath it gives you a lift, lightens your spirit, not to mention the load on the knees. 

It got me thinking, why do we allow ourselves to get like that? There is always an excuse for not working out but never for not eating why is that? I pull a muscle in my arm so can’t curl a dumbbell but can easily curl a burger and fries in me gob, why is that? I’ve tried every diet under the sun I’ve tried every work out known to man, I lose weight and then just put it back on. 

I can only put it down to mindset, I’m lazy! There i said it. I’d much rather sit on the sofa and watch Netflix or Amazon Prime (other streaming services are available) and eat crisps then put my treadmill down in the kitchen and work out. Why? Will I feel better after it? Yes! So why not do it. New Years resolutions don’t work, the only way a New Years resolution will work for me is if I make a deal with god himself and he strikes me down if I don’t achieve it and even then I’d probably fail. 

I’m so determined with everything in my life except what I look like and I often ponder why that is, people who don’t know me call me arrogant, I’m not.. If I was would I allow myself to get into the state I have been, I probably was when I was younger but aren’t we all? My issue is I don’t really trust many people so if I trust you you’ll get to know me, if I don’t then I’m afraid the shutters are up and if that comes across as arrogant then it’s shame on you for not getting to know me.

So anyway back to my point… I suppose the main issue with eating comfort food is the cost to eat healthy, why does a healthy meal cost 4x as much as a pack of Turkey Twizlers and Chips? We have an obesity problem in the lower classes in the UK yet it costs 4x the amount to feed a family a healthy meal, a fairly recent study showed that the average healthy meal would cost £9.68 compared to your average (and lets face it probably tastier meal) unhealthy mean of £2.46, this means the poorest 20% in society would need to spend nearly 40% of their income to eat well.

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You do the maths and tell me it makes sense. 

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