I haven’t been as active posting on my page as of late , I have been placing unnecessary pressure on myself  to keep posting regularly, update, record and take photos all to try and grow this platform I have created. In addition to this alongside the added pressures of running a new business and being a dad.  I have found myself saying to my wife Carli this video has got 1,000 views or this blog has been read 150 times, WHO CARES! It’s  just a meaningless number on a screen, a blob in the tapestry of my life, looking and counting views was not the reason I started doing this blog. I feel that this is partly responsible for the funk I’m in inside my head at the moment. Life is stressful man! if your not careful it can swallow you up whole and chew you up. I’ve become anxious, sitting in the house not wanting to leave, these 4 walls have seemingly become a prison for my mind this last year. My mind wonders at the best of times, I have a vivid imagination, my brain doesn’t switch off, constantly throwing different thoughts and ideas around.

A podcast I did recently with Jayden thats coming up on the page soon he discussed a concept about the 3 Ms, that you should incorporate into your morning routine.




I have given it a try and it seems to be  helping me, I recently took to the streets on my bike, I’ve taken to cycling as my form of excerise and do you know what? I absolutely love it, I’ve racked up some miles these last few weeks and I absolutely love getting out there, wind in my face a real buzz! All the endorphins flowing, However I’m also experiencing some real lows afterwards, the exhilaration of the ride really emphasises the lows. 

We are not a million miles away from lockdown being ended, I’ve just had my first COVID vaccine , which has equally filled me with anxiety due to recent revelations of blood clots from the Oxford / AstraZeneca jab, but I am also booked in for an afternoon drinking session with the boys in April so something to look forward too at least. 

For the past 10 years I have always worked the longest hours, done the most meetings, been away the most nights, my life was always consumed with work, so for me the change has been a huge culture shock that I am trying to adapt too.

I guess I’m wondering if talking about everyone else’s issues on my page and podcast is really not helping me as I may be ignoring mine. Like I said at the top nothings easy, I have so many goals I’ve always been a striver maybe I need to take a step back not put as much pressure on myself, I listened to a podcast recently with Tyson Fury where he said “you need to live your life today like it’s your last because tonight when you go to sleep your not guaranteed to wake up in the morning.

Speak to you again soon.

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  1. Well done Marco. I’ve been enjoying your blogs. I really relate to the lows seeming lower after any type of high – I think it’s definitely a consequence of lockdown. Try not to put pressure on yourself- just post when you want to.


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