If you have come here in search of inspiration then I’m afraid I’m probably about to bitterly disappoint you. When it comes to buying gifts then I’m quite possibly the worst, so if your looking to end the night on a high honestly don’t take my advice, but here are some ideas of what you could buy on Valentine’s Day 2021.


Now wait! Before you dismiss this one as a completely useless gift, my favourite gift this Christmas was my Hugo Boss face masks! Loved them, gone were the blue surgical masks and hello mask from a company that made clothes for the Nazis, Ok that’s not why I like them but I think it’s funny to point out. Face Masks are likely to be with us for at least the near future so why not go all out and buy a lovely designer one.

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com


Ok now we are talking, tried and tested! What lady doesn’t love flowers, personally I’ll never understand why they cost so blooming (ba dum tss) much, and the best thing about flowers is if you leave things till the last minute 

…. like me, there are plenty of companies out there that can do next day delivery.. I have honestly never left it this late myself, and yes my wife does read this haha.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Ok, yeah a bit naff, but again is it still a cliche that ladies love chocolate? Chocolate has really upped its game these last few years with the emergence of companies like hotel chocolate, raiding your wallets and increasing dress sizes.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Romantic Dinner at a luxury Restaurant 

Haha good one! I’m afraid this year your staying in! Or if your lucky enough to live within distance to an Uber eats maybe you can order in, either way your staying in.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Card – don’t forget the card

Whatever you do, do not forget the card! I will never ever ever understand the fascination that some women have with cards, not turning up with a card in my house is tantamount to leaving the baby at the store. Companies like moon pig or funky pigeon make it super easy to get a card.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Spa Day 

Obviously she cannot go now but as soon as the lockdown is over your partner is likely to want to get away for a spa day as quick as you can say spa day! So a nice little spa day allowing the ladies to relax and unwind after months of having to home school might just do the trick.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com


All women want a PS5 it’s a statically fact! And the bonus is you get to play on it too! couples that play together, stay together.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com


If your looking for candles look no further than Jo Malone, for some reason unbeknown to me Jo  Malone have become the candle of choice. Why anybody would ever pay that amount of money for a candle is way beyond me, it’s a candle! B&M do some fantastic candles at 1/10th the price – fill your boots

Photo by Hakan Erenler on Pexels.com

Personalised Face Cushion

Honestly, why wouldn’t your partner want a pillow with your mug on it, when your out they can hug it, if she’s angry at you she can throw it, to me this is the perfect gift, in fact bare with me a few seconds while I go order my wife “the perfect” Valentine’s Day present.

Anyway there are a few ideas there for you gents, if anyone has any suggestions for me then I’m happy to hear about them, although I’m fairly sure the personalised face cushion has me winning VD 21.

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