“I have no idea how I am going to pay my mortgage” are the words uttered to me in anguish down the phone by a friend, this comes moments after Boris Johnson announced the third supposedly ‘final’ of national lockdowns. 

Its hard to make a positive case for the government when it comes to their handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, but then you could also argue that the government have done a lot to help families facing financial difficulties,

But then they shut down your place of work and grind your industry to a halt,  so how can it then be justified that you cannot pay your bills? And then your not even eligible for furlough payments??  🤔 due to you losing  your job in the first national lockdown and you now fall between the cracks. Is this right and just??? 

What real support is there for people? Answers on a postcard please…. because a quick search on google doesn’t make this any clearer 🤷🏻

I can’t help but think back to my first every blog (just casual plug if you haven’t already read it) and wonder about the mounting pressure again being heaped onto some young men at the start of this new year . This new national lockdown must come as a hammer blow to some who were expecting to start this new year with renewed hope that stress and hardships were coming to an end. I’m concerned for some of my friends that have  just about managed to keep their heads above water over the last 6 months, their savings depleting and the same struggle continuing as they bear the harrowing heaps of stress and anxiety to provide for their families.  

I suppose im asking the question, what alternative help is really available if you don’t qualify for the furlough scheme and if you haven’t been self employed long enough to claim a government grant?? 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So many questions… very few answers and alas the struggle continues 💪🏻


  1. Great post mate, it’s one of many issues facing dads across the country.

    Countless amounts of pressure to provide for their family and so many uncontrollables.

    Keep spreading the word!


  2. Love it and very true. Government response is that only 2 in 5 people have fallen through the cracks, so they have done a great job!! Tell that to the 2 people. So much emphasis has been put on the social and leisure industry (rightly so), but it seems that all other sectors have been forgotten about. Added In the directors paying themselves via divs. Myself and my wife have not been eligible for any help to date, except a bounce back loan for my business, (basically putting it in debt). How many businesses out there can survive for what’s going to be circa 12 months of not being allowed to trade correctly!

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    1. 100% agree with what you have said Paul, small business’s are the life blood of this country but the government seems to be ignoring them. We considered getting a bounce back loan but like you said that’s a debt on the business so we have just about managed to get through without it.

      I don’t think 2 out of 5 is very good at all, big business have been granted so much more help than us with loans, grants and tariff deductions. I’m reminded of a time I worked in hospitality back in 08 when the credit crunch hit, I was working in a restaurant in Esher Surry which probably has some of the most expensive post codes in the UK, I asked a lady how the credit crunch had effected her to which she replied “the credit crunch doesn’t effect Esher darling” in her RP English Accent.

      This country is ever more becoming about the haves and the have nots.


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