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Episode #8 “Never did I ever make it to work on Monday”

Here I talk to Scott about what life was like growing up on a rough estate, growing up with a group of lads that became brothers. Then he became a step dad to 3 at the young age of 22 ,before turning his life around losing 8 stone in less than a year and becoming a boxer. Scott now runs a boxing gym in Grantham hoping to give kids who could potentially end up on the wrong side of the tracks an outlet and somewhere to blow off steam.

Episode #6 “During the first lockdown I tried to commit suicide”

This week I sat down with Alun “Taff” Watkins. Taff talks very openly about his journey from the small mining town of Merthyr Tydfil to serving in the British Army. Taff is open about his experiences and views of his dad before becoming a dad of two daughters himself. Taff is very candid about his spiral after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which changed his life completely , before the pressures of the first lock down lead to him trying to commit suicide leaving him in a coma for 3 weeks.

Episode #5 – Championing Men’s Mental Health

This week I sat down with John from mhsupport4dads (you can find him under that name on Instagram) We talked openly about Johns upbringing and his relationship with his dad to becoming a father, before culminating with his journey to signpost the support out there for men struggling with mental health. Johns Instagram is packed with some fantastic content and interviews with other dads so please get over there and check it out. Some of the topics we cover in this weeks episode are the lack of support for men, what this current pandemic is doing for people’s mental health and suicide. As ever if you could hit the subscribe button and hit that bell notification that will help us reach more dads and ultimately help more people.

Episode #4 – Playboy to family man

This week I sat down with Marcell Edwards to talk about his life growing up without a father to be coming a father of 3. Marcell is very candid about his struggles in adapting to being a dad, whilst we both give our views on being mixed race fathers to white children, whilst touching on our experiences of growing up mixed race in todays world. I enjoyed this one I hope you will too.

Episode #3 Greg Goodall – 3 Miscarriage’s “it shouldn’t be this difficult”

This week I sat down with Greg Goodall to talk about his journey through fatherhood.
Greg and his wife suffered the unfortunate loss of 3 pregnancies’ before finally have two both 2 years apart. This week we talk about how the current situation with the covid crisis is effecting him and his business and ponder the effects it is going to have on the children long term. From a 3 week wedding to moving to the middle east we cover all of the last 36 years for Greg in a fascinating chat.


Episode #2 “Prison was the best thing that happened to me”

This week I sat down with Dean Michniew to talk about becoming a dad at a young age before ending up in prison which ultimately changed his life. Losing his own dad at 11 years old and becoming a dad of two, trying to navigate fatherhood without the guidance of his own father. Dean is very open about his struggles with mental health and what he hopes for the future.

Virtual Social 1 – Trump, Boris, McGregor & Man UTD v Liverpool

This week on Virtual Social we sit down and talk about what’s gone on in the last week and what’s coming up this weekend. 

If we cant go to the pub we bring the pub to you, this week we talk about Donald Trump moving house, how Boris has handles the Covid crisis, we talk about this weekends up coming fight between Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier and the Derby between Manchester United & Liverpool in the FA Cup