Dad Chat – Episode 16 – Ben Kershaw “your arm falls off people hug you, if your brain switches off nobody cares”

This week we sat down and open up about depression with Ben Kershaw, Ben is the CEO of Golden Egg Group and he share with us his journey from being adopted as a child, living with Sickle Cell Anemia and the challenges that has on one’s mental health added that to the pressure of running a business with over 150 employees through the worst crisis in a century.

Ben is a stepfather to his current partners daughter whilst just finding out the news he is about to be a father for the first time himself.

Ben says that when your brain switches off (depression) then nobody cares, is he right?

Lad Chat – Virtual Social #11 – The French Kicking Off, Noel Clark, BJS v Canelo & Football

This week on our Live Virtual Social we discuss all the weeks news from Boris sending the Navy to deal with the French, the Noel Clark controversy, plans for travel now restrictions are lifting, and all the usual sports chat from BJS v Canelo, Fury v AJ and the protests in Manchester last week. As ever im joined by Ady Tilly, returning for his second podcast is James “Fez” Ferris and making his debut tonight is Dean Michniew



#Noel Clark


Lad Chat Virtual Social #10 – DAI MANUEL “Are you being the man you would want your daughter to marry”

Dai Manuel – Dia is an Author, Lifestyle Coach and Business Mentor to name a few of the hats Dai wears. Dai details his journey from obesity to a much healthier life both physically and mentally, a journey that has led him to quitting his corporate job and taking on his passion, culminating in him giving TED talks.

Lad Chat -Virtual Social #9 – Jarie Bolander “When my wife died I never felt more alone”

This week we sat down with Jarie Bolander, Jarie details the journey he went through with his wife being diagnosed with Leukemia before sadly losing that battle. Jarie is very open about the dark days afterwards with drink and drugs before getting his life together quitting drinking and becoming a step farther. Really interesting conversation, I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Lad Chat – Virtual Social – Mike Messier ACTOR, AUTHOR, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER

This week me and Ady sat down with Author, Screenplay Writer, Actor, Acting Coach, Producer to name a few of the jobs Mike does to talk about his journey getting off the meds. Mike started a projected called “if Donald Trump can get elected then I can get off my meds” Mike Messier has won 35 awards in film Direction, TV production, Screenwriting and play-writing. Messier has shared scenes with Meryl Streep & Elisabeth Shue (in Hope Springs), Wesley Snipes, Cybill Shepherd & Mario Van Peebles. Mikes new book A Distance from Avalon: When the Dying and the Dead Reunite is available on Amazon and is a great read.… #mikemessier #gettingoffmeds #mentalhealth

Dad Chat – Episode #12 “its still possible to live the life you want to live being a dad”

This week I sat down with Junior, Junior details his life growing up in Nigeria in a house full of women, before moving to the UK at the age of 17 and having to adapt to not knowing anyone but also adapting to a completely new culture. Junior joined a local church where he met his partner before becoming a father. Junior details his life through parenthood on his instagram page (juniorpullen) which has some fantastic photos go give it a look.