Lily Walford #Ep25 – International Dating Coach

Lily Walford – International Dating Coach – Dating with a twist. Get your notepads ready lads, Lily is here to talk about dating into today’s world and give some pointers on how to approach people.

Being Single In Today‘s World – Lads Opinion

Being Single In today’s World – Just when you think your dating life can’t get any worse, someone asks what it is like to be single in today’s world. But don’t worry- the lads are here for all those struggling singletons out there and will answer every question! They discuss why guys stay unattached; how they meet their potential partners (and if online dating counts); whether or not looks matter – sorry ladies but sometimes we’re just attracted by something more than beauty.

YX Official – Ep#23 – TikTok & Singing Sensation

YX Official – This week the lads sit down with TikTok and recording artist YX – YX talks about life growing up in Jersey with his Dad before blowing up on TikTok singing about his girlfriend.
We recommend you go give some of his videos a watch, you won’t be disappointed. 
Loved the chat but love his music even more! PTSD & VGNA amonst some of my favourites. Find YX Here: TikTok:… Spotify:…
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Lad Chat – Virtual Social #14 Who Cheats More Men Or Women, Social Media Crash, Fuel Crisis & Celebrities On Social Media

In this Virtual Social the lads take on the question of who cheats more in a relationship? men or women.. The lads also talk about the crash of social media giants Facebook with this weeks outage of its service, was it a good thing to take some time out.. Sticking on social media the lads talk about Donald Trump to court in order to get back his Twitter account back. 

Justice Speller – Ep #21 marriage was so good he did it twice

Justice Speller – This week we sat down with Justice. Justice is married twice like many men but unlike many men married twice to the same women, really interesting conversation with Justice who describes how that happened as well as detailing his journey into the world of podcasting with his own show (…)

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